If you were born and/or grew up in the 70s or 80s like I did, you have to remember the melody above.  You may have empathized with Kermit’s dilemma about being green, and not more interesting like red, yellow or gold.  Personally, I wasn’t sure why I connected so much with the frog-man until I […]

Whoa! I just looked at the last date I posted and I can’t believe I had left you for that long. So, while I dust off my notepad and find a working pen, let me leave you with a link to a blog post I found the other day. Interesting read.

Let me first give credit where credit is due…..Ms. Adichie coined that phrase, not I, but I subscribe! This weekend has been a whirlwind in the music industry. Beyoncé, aka Sasha Fierce, reinvented the concept of marketing by releasing a brand new unannounced, unpromoted album, complete with music videos. I personally haven’t heard any of […]

So, I am reading the book “Half of a Yellow Sun” by Nigerian author Chimamanda Adichie. I had already made it almost halfway through the book at least 4 times but never finished it (distractions) and I have this rule about not watching movies based on books until I’m done reading the book. Well this […]

.…I shouldn’t have left you without a strong rhyme to step to. Sorry I left.  Professional distractions got in the way of me writing down my musings, but I’ll be back. And speaking of those distractions, let’s talk real soon about careers, education, and marriage.

Come on baby, you better lose some weight! I think I told  you before how I’m a TV/screen junkie?  Well, in case you didn’t realize it, I am making a movie reference – Dreamgirls.  I absolutely loved this film and still listen to songs from the soundtrack.  I had low expectations and didn’t think I would […]

Have you everyone found yourself in a conversation with a group of people? – colleagues, friends, family, it doesn’t matter.  Well, one of the individuals in your group is Brittany.  She is telling you about her uncle.  He’s a 52 year old bachelor. She and her siblings adore him. He’s cool but he’s never been […]