Reason #47: It’s not easy being green

If you were born and/or grew up in the 70s or 80s like I did, you have to remember the melody above.  You may have empathized with Kermit’s dilemma about being green, and not more interesting like red, yellow or gold.  Personally, I wasn’t sure why I connected so much with the frog-man until I recently took a test at work -:)

I’ll explain……if you also have had any experience in Corporate America, I can almost guarantee that at some point, you have taken the Myers-Brigss (MBTI) or Enneagram or some other personality test.  I had taken MBTI multiple times and my indicators came up on the fence for most but the one that has never changed is the I/E.   The test always reveals that I am an extreme introvert.  Well, I actually knew that even before I took it the first time (it’s in my DNA) but something interesting that I found out when I took this new personality test called Insights, is that I am also a Green.   I don’t think I’ll do a good job explaining what the colors mean (you’ll probably google it anyway)  but the gist of it (strictly, my explanation) is that a Green is not only an introvert, but a people-pleaser.

Here are some of the (negative) points listed in my profile:

  • WYNMY finds it difficult to say “no” if relationships are being threatened
  • WYNMY may hide strong feelings until it is too late
  • WYNMY is seen as a private individual, who prefers her own company
  • WYNMY may not respond well to sudden change
  • WYNMY may become stubborn if pressured.

So, when I first read some of the points listed above, the skeptic in me popped out and I dismissed it, likening the assessment to the magazine horoscopes that are so broadly written that if you took the time to read  Aries to Pisces, you will find out that every single reading that applies to you in some way.   But then I read again and after thinking about it some more, I became a believer.  Some of the points do in fact apply to me….. and so, I took it a further step and applied it to my personal life and asked myself, maybe some of these are the reasons I am not married yet?

In another post, I stated that I’m an introvert.  Considering the kind of work I do, I have to actively manage my introversion in my professional life but it’s a little harder to do in my personal life.  And the thing is, I don’t think I can get married if I don’t meet someone and when you are introverted like me, meeting people is really hard to do.  Not to mention the other characteristics listed above.  I mean, who would want to hang out with the Kermit-man at home with the blinds shut all day on Saturday and Sunday?

*Sigh* Like I started out, it’s not easy being green….


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